Irregularities- Definitions and options

The following events are considered schedule irregularities:

  • Flight cancellations
  • Schedule changes with more than three hours from the initial departure time
  • Delays over 3 hours on the day of the departure.

 Legal provisions and passenger rights in case of irregularities.

Passenger rights in case of flight irregularities are delineated by the European Regulation EC261/2004, and the assistance options we offer in case of irregularities are in accordance with these provisions.

Assistance options

Passengers affected by one of the above-mentioned irregularities choose between the following assistance options:

  • Rebooking free of charge on the same route in a time frame of +/-14 days from the initial date of departure;
  • Refund of the entire amount or the amount associated to the segment that was not used. The refund can be done through a voucher or back on the same form of payment. If you choose the voucher you also receive a bonus of 20% of the total refundable amount.

Rebooking free of charge for cancellations or schedule changes that were notified in advance, can be done online or through our call center. For delays or last minute cancellations, you can request free rebooking only through the call center.

Refunds can be requested only through our contact form contact form or through the call center.

For cancellations or schedule changes notified in advance, you can request assistance up to three hours before the initial time of departure.

In case of round-trip bookings where only one segment is affected by a significant irregularity such as schedule change over three hours or cancellation, you can also request assistance for the unaffected segment.

Schedule changes or delays under three hours are considered minor and any change will be done as per our travel conditions.

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