How to book a teritorial continuity fare

The teritorial continuity fares are available in the system and can be accessed if you select the residents tick box in the search engine. This option is displayed only for the routes included in the continuity program.


If you select this option you will go through an intermediate page where the general terms are displayed. After clicking the “I agree” button you can proceed with flight selection. Once you select the desired flight, the services included in the fare are displayed.  


After you can proceed with the regular booking. If you want additional services you can purchase them on the ancillaries page.

Passengers eligible for the continuity fare cannot be booked on the same reservation with passengers not eligible. In this case you need to make separate reservations so you can book the correct fare for each category.

In case of children and young people (2-21 years), who are eligible by default, who travel with adults who are not eligible you will still need to make separate bookings. To issue a ticket with continuity fare for children between 2 years and 12 years you need to contact our Call center.

For children over the age of 12, you can book online by selecting as passenger type “Adult”. After issuance you need to contact our customer support team and provide both booking codes (child and accompanying adult) so we can insert the appropriate comments in the system.

In case of infants who are associated to an adult the fare conditions will apply to the infant as well. If the passenger has a continuity fare, the infant is added free of charge. If the passenger is not eligible for a continuity fare the infant will be added by paying the regular infant fee (detailed prices available in our Service fees and surcharges section). 


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