Dangerous goods

To ensure flight safety, all passengers must respect the security measures in place regarding baggage transport.

Prohibited materials and substances include:

  • Flammable or highly combustible materials
  • Any substances marked as being chemical or toxic such as alkalis, acids, corrosive and/or bleaching substances, incapacitating sprays (usually used for self-defense), radioactive materials, and poisons.
  • Biological threats, which include infectious hazardous materials such as contaminated blood, viruses, bacteria.
  • Items whose transportation is prohibited by laws, regulations, or current orders in any country from which the flight departs or arrives or through which it transits;
  • Dangerous, unsafe, or unsuitable items for transport due to their weight, dimensions, or type, or because they are fragile, perishable, or particularly delicate;
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Lithium batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries (commonly used in consumer electronic goods such as laptops, computers, cell phones, watches, and cameras) can only be transported in the cabin baggage.
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