LAG (liquids, aerosols, gels)

All LAG must be presented separately during the security check. They must be packed in a resealable transparent plastic bag that permits examination of the contents. They must be packed in containers of maximum 100 ml. And the total amount allowed in the cabin baggage should not exceed 1l. Baby food is exempt from this limitation.

LAG exceeding 100 ml used for medical purposes necessary during the flight can be transported in the cabin baggage if you present the medical certificate.

LAG include:

  • water and other beverages, soups, syrups
  • creams, lotions, and oils
  • perfumes
  • sprays
  • gels, including hair gels and shower gels
  • pressurized containers, including shaving foams, other foams, and deodorants
  • paste substances, including toothpaste
  • mixtures of liquids and solids
  • any other product of similar consistency
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