Security check

Before accessing the boarding area all passengers must undergo a security check. During this check, all passengers must go through a metal detector. All items containing metals, such as keys electronic devices, wallets will be scanned separately. Passengers with pacemakers or any type of metal implant who wish to avoid metal detector scan can advise the security personnel and they will undergo a manual check. In this situation a medical certificate is also necessary.

Your cabin baggage will be examined by X-ray scanning. If necessary the security personnel will request that you open your baggage for a visual/ manual inspection.

We recommend you keep the following items with you at all times (in the cabin baggage): medicine, cash and credit cards, personal ID, insurance policies, contracts and other important documents, jewellery, fragile items and electronic devices (laptops, cameras, chargers).

We advise you to go through the security check as soon as you finish your check-in to ensure you are present in time for boarding. Any delays caused by security or passport control checks exempt us from refunds in case of a missed flight.

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