How can I check-in?

Online Check-in

This service is available for all Aeroitalia flights. The following passenger categories cannot check-in online:

  • passengers under the age of 18 travelling alone (unaccompanied minors)
  • passengers with special medical condition or reduced mobility (for example, pregnant women)
  • passengers traveling with the pets or weapons
  • passengers rejected at the entrance to the country or deported (INAD/ DEPU/DEPA)
  • non-EU passengers, whose visa or residence permit must be checked at check-in.

These passengers can check-in at the airport starting with 2 hours before the flight up to 45 minutes before the departure. The check-in will be free of charge.

Passengers travelling with infants and/or children cannot check-in online if they do not select a seat in the aircraft by paying the related fees. This category of passengers can check-in at the airport before departure, free of charge. We will allocate adjoining seats based on availability at the time of the airport check-in process.

The free online check-in service is available

  • starting 30 days prior to the departure date for passengers who booked Biz and Classic bundles, passengers who purchased a preferential seat or passengers with territorial continuity fares;
  • starting with 7 days before departure for those who purchased the Early Check-in (ECKN) service;
  • starting with 24 hours prior to the departure time for passengers who booked Basic bundle or passengers with territorial continuity fares. The online check-in closes 3 hours before take-off for all passengers.

For passengers with Basic Bundle the online check-in implies the acceptance of a random seat allocated free of charge. If a passenger wishes to be seated on a specific seat, they can select it, paying the respective fee, before finalizing the check-in.

Passengers with Classic or Bizz bundles who have already selected their preferred seat during booking will have the seat automatically imported. There passengers can change the seat within the same seat category free of charge, or they can upgrade the seat category by paying the fare difference (valid only for passengers with Classic bundles who upgrade to extra leg room seats).

Airport check-in

Airport check-in is available starting with 2 hours before the flight up to 45 minutes before the departure.

For flights in territorial continuity the airport check-in is free of charge. For all the other airports we operate on the primary option is the check-in online. If, for various reasons, you anticipate you won`t be able to check-in online, you can add the airport check-in service by paying the associated fee (more information on the fees associated please check our Service fees and surcharges section

If you don`t book the airport check-in service in advance and you don`t check-in online either, you will need to pay for the airport check-in surcharge at the check-in desk on the day of the flight (more information on the fees associated please check our Service fees and surcharges section).

Check-in in the mobile app

In the mobile app the check-in flow is extremely quick and simple. All you have to do is access the Check-in section, insert you booking code and last name or email address to identify the reservation, and fill in the travel document information. After completing the check-in, you cand save the QR code or share it with your travel partners.

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