Sports equipment

Sports equipment can be added on our website, through our Call Center or at the airport during check-in formalities. The sports equipment should not exceed 23 kg. The maximum sum of measurements (length, width, height) allowed for sports equipment is 250 cm. For flights operated with ATR or E145 the maximum dimensions allowed are 158 cm linear.

The following items are considered sports equipment:

  • Fishing equipment - of fishing rods (maximum 158 cm length), reels, fish storage net, a pair of fishing boots, and a fishing tackle box.
  • Golf equipment - 1 golf bag containing golf clubs and 1 pair of golf shoes.
  • Alpine Skiing equipment- a pair of skis, a pair of ski poles, and a pair of ski boots.
  • Snowboarding equipment – a snowboard and a pair of boots.
  • Water Skiing equipment - a pair of standard water skis or a slalom ski of maximum weight: 23 kg. Excess baggage fee may be charged for overweight.
  • Kayak equipment - kayak and paddles measuring maximum 4.90 m.
  • Hockey or Lacrosse equipment - textile bag containing hockey or lacrosse gear. 2 hockey or lacrosse sticks fastened together per passenger. Weight: 23 kg. Excess baggage fee may be charged for overweight. Measurements: 158 cm (sum of 3 measurements).
  • Scuba Diving equipment - wetsuit, buoyancy compensator (BCD), dive socks, mask, fins, torch, nets, knife, 1 empty oxygen cylinder, and 1 temperature regulator. For acceptance, you need to present the empty compressed air cylinder at the check-in counter and remove the light bulb from the torch and pack it separately.
  • Windsurfing - windsurf board, mast, sail, and boom.
  • Surfing- a surfboard.
  • Kitesurfing - a kite, a bar, and a board.

If you want to transport a bulky sports equipment you need to check with us first  by contact form or by calling our Call Center if the item can be transported.

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