You can transport a sports/ hunting weapon if you add the WEAP service on your booking (online, through the Call Center or at the airport) and pay the associated fee (more information on the fees associated please check our Service fees and surcharges section).

Passengers who wish to carry a firearm must possess a valid firearms permit.

Firearms can only be transported in the cargo hold, must be disassembled, properly packaged, and separated from ammunition. Passengers can transport a maximum of 5 kg of ammunition.

Passengers transporting weapons should be present at the check-in desk 2 hours before departure to insure proper processing time.

Exceptions only for Italy

The transportation of firearms in the cabin is authorized by Law No. 694 of December 23, 1974, only for the following Italian individuals who are in possession of a valid identification document:

• Chief of Police

 • Police Inspectors and Assistants

 • Provincial Administrative Inspectors

• Public Security Officials

• Members of the Carabinieri Corps

• Members of the State Police Force

• Members of the Financial Police Corps

• Members of the State Forestry Corps

 • Members of the Custodial Agents Corps

 • Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Military Personnel of the State Armed Forces, provided they have appropriate documentation attesting that they are traveling for official purposes

• Prefects

• Deputy Prefects

• Magistrates assigned to the Public Prosecutor's Office or the Investigating Office (GIP).

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