Musical instruments

You can transport your musical instrument in the cabin or in the hold.

To transport a musical instrument as hand baggage (substitute the cabin baggage for the musical instrument), it must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and weight of 10kg (only if your ticket fare includes large cabin baggage or if you booked the priority boarding service) so it can be stored in the overhead baggage compartment.

If you want to transport the musical instrument together with your cabin baggage then you need to book the Musical Instrument special service by paying the associated fee (please see Service fees and surcharges Section).

If the instrument exceeds the dimensions and/or weight mentioned above you can book an additional seat by paying the price available in the system at the time of purchase. To transport the musical instrument on a seat you should comply with the following conditions:

  • Maximum weight 75 kg;
  • Maximum dimensions 120x40x45 cm (if placed on the seat) or 160x40x20 cm (if reclined against the seat);
  • Packed in such manner to allow securing with the seat belt;
  • Allow recline of the seat in front;
  • Be placed on a window seat and not obstruct emergency exits

Passengers booking extra seats for musical instruments don`t have the baggage allowance associated with the respective seat.

To issue the ticket you need to go through the standard booking steps (regardless it`s along with your booking or in a separate reservation) and, in the passenger details section, insert your last name and “Musical Instrument” as first name.

Musical instruments can also be transported in the hold of the aircraft as checked-in baggage (in place of the baggage included in the fare allowance or as an extra piece) if it doesn`t exceed 23kg and a sum of measurements (length, width, height) of 158 cm. If you choose to transport the musical instrument in the hold please be advised we are not responsible for any damage that might occur during transport. Although we handle fragile items with extreme care, during flight (take-off, landing or turbulence) your item might be affected, and we cannot avoid these situations.

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