Passengers with reduced mobility

If you need assistance for transfer through the airport or for boarding please make sure you add the Wheelchair service (based on necessity) at least 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure.  This is a service provided by airport representatives and needs to be requested by us before the flight, so please make sure you add the service on your booking before the time limit. Also you should know that for safety reasons we allow a limited number of passengers with reduced mobility (based on the type of aircraft operating the flight), so it`s best you add the assistance request at the time of the booking to avoid contingency issues.

Wheelchairs can be transported, free of charge, in the hold of the aircraft. If you use an electric wheelchair, it needs to be IATA approved. If you are not sure about the approval you should contact us in writing (form available here) and provide us the brand name and model, battery type, battery details (capacity, voltage) so we can check if the item is safe for transport.

Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance should be present at the check-in desk two hours before departure.

Stretchers- are not allowed on board due to limited space.

Crutches or walking canes are permitted on board. Passengers using crutches or walking canes, who don`t need/want wheelchair transfer through the airport, need only to comply with seating limitations if checking-in online. We recommend that you inform the agents at the check-in desk if you intend to bring crutches or canes on board.

Passengers wearing a cast can travel only if the cast was put on at least 48 hours before the flight. These passengers are required to present a fit to fly medical certificate.

Passengers with reduced mobility cannot be seated near an emergency exit or on an aisle seat.

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