Assistance dogs

We accept the transport assistance dogs in the passenger cabin. The transport is done free of charge. Assistance dogs are not subject to contingency.

We consider assistance dogs to be those listed below provided they have documentation proving this condition:

  • Guide dogs that aid people with a visual impairment or disability.
  • Guide dogs that aid people with a physical disability.
  • Hearing dogs, which aid people with hearing disabilities by alerting them to certain sounds and their origin.
  • Medical alert dogs, which aid people with diabetes, epilepsy or other conditions that cause seizures with loss of consciousness and sensory impairment.
  • Dogs that aid people with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Rescue dogs that have completed training to cooperate and assist the State Security Forces by accompanying a rescue team, wearing the appropriate harnesses and traveling without occupying a seat.
  • Dogs undergoing training with a sufficient level of training to be able to perform flight while maintaining appropriate behaviour, provided they are accompanied by their trainer and have an original certificate issued by the training institution for which they serve.

To travel with an assistance dog, you need to present a certificate attesting training for assistance purposes and all other standard documents necessary for pet transport (documents may vary depending on the country of destination). Also see link to Pets

The dog will be seated at your feet secured with a special belt provided by the crew. For safety purposes it`s best if your dog wears a chest harness rather than a collar. The animal cannot occupy a passenger seat.

Although, not mandatory for assistance dogs, we recommend you have a muzzle with you. If at any moment the dog might pose a threat to passengers or crew you will be requested to put the muzzle on it. If you don`t comply with the indication from our personnel, we reserve the right to deny your boarding.

The dog needs to have basic skills required for public access such as obeying orders and containing it`s physiological needs. If necessary the animal can relieve itself in a manner that poses no health risks or hygiene issues. 

To add the service on your booking, you need to contact our customer support department with at least 48 hours before departure (we recommend you add it immediately after booking your ticket) through our Customer Service Department and will be confirmed after all submitted documentation is verified.

Passengers traveling with assistance dogs can only check in at the airport free of charge.

Emotional support dogs (pets) are not considered trained service dogs and therefore are not accepted free of charge on board our flights. The transport is possible following the conditions for transport of pets in the cabin, by paying the respective fee.

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