How to modify the travel date

Date changes can be done up to 3 hours before departure. Depending on the fare bundle you booked. You will need to pay a penalty fee and the fare difference, if any. The date change fees can be verified in Service fees and surcharges section.

Changing your flight to the same day, but for a different departure time is also considered a date change.

Changes can be made only if the check in online wasn't completed. If you checked-in for the flight, you first need to have your boarding pass cancelled by contacting our customer service department.

For bookings with multiple passengers the date change will be made for all passengers on the respective booking. If you want to process the change for only one or part of the passengers, you first need to divide the respective passenger/s. This can only be done if you contact our customer support through the call center or through the contact form.

To make a date change online you need to access our website in Your booking  where you will use the booking code and your last name as search criteria.


After retrieving the booking, you need to click the Modify button in the Flight section.


This will open the search tab where you need to select the new travel date. After selecting the new date you will be directed to the availability page where you can see the available flights for the respective date.


Before selecting the actual flight, you can see the fare difference for the new flight. In the breakdown section on the right side of the page (Your cart) you can see the detailed price of the change comprised of the fare difference and date change fee.

If you're only trying to view the price of the date change (make a cost simulation) this is where it's displayed. If you don't intend to go through with the date change we advise you not to proceed to the next page as the change might be saved on the booking with a pending amount.

After clicking the continue button, you will be directed through the regular booking steps until the payment page. Once the payment is processed the updated itinerary will be sent to your e-mail address.

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