How to book

You can book a ticket with Aeroitalia through the following sales channels:

  • Website
  • Travel agencies (including online travel agencies)
  • Call center
  • Ticketing offices in the airport

The booking must contain the following mandatory elements: route and date of travel, passenger name and contact information. Upon full payment the booking code (PNR) is generated. This code will be necessary to identify your booking during check-in or any interaction with our representatives, so we recommend you save it. Additional services are not mandatory for booking issuance. These services can be added later but you need to be aware some services (e.g., pet in cabin, unaccompanied minor) might be subject to availability and different pricing.

Date and route of travel

Exact route and date of travel are required when booking a ticket. Open date or route are not permitted. After ticket issuance the travel date/time can be modified as per our travel conditions, the route however cannot be voluntarily modified (also see How to modify the travel date).

Date and route of travel are displayed in the “Your cart” section of the booking after flight selection so we advise you to verify them before proceeding with the issuance.

Name of the passenger

Please be advised it`s important that you select the correct passenger type (based on the age at the time of travel not the time of booking) and you insert the passenger`s name as it appears in the travel document (special characters such as hyphen or apostrophe are excluded).

If your name includes an apostrophe, you can replace it with a space or you can combine the names (e.g., D` Agostino can be written as Dagostino or D Agostino) and if your name includes a hyphen, you should replace it with a space (e.g., Ana-Maria should be written Ana Maria).

If you have several first names you can just insert them in the first name section separated by a space; if you exceed the character number, you can exclude a first/ middle name as this will not affect the validity of the ticket. If your document is issued in the first name/ middle name format you should insert both names in the first name field separated by a space.

If you swap the first and last name, there is no need to change your booking. You can inform us through the contact form, but this issue will not affect your ticket.

 Fictive names are not permitted. If you book under a fictive name or you insert a wrong name you will need to make a name change as per our travel conditions (also see  How to modify the name of the passenger).

Contact information

Correct contact information is very important so we can notify you in case of any flight changes. Also all documents related to your booking (itinerary, receipt, boarding pass) will be sent to the email address you provide so you need to make sure it`s an address you can monitor. 


Tickets purchased through our direct sales channels (website, call-center, ticketing offices) require instant payment with a card (Visa, MasterCard) or POS/cash in ticketing offices. You can also make partial or full payments with vouchers offered by Aeroitalia for various reasons (refund, compensation, commercial/ promotional)

Partner agencies may also offer additional payment methods (different cards, travel vouchers, bank transfer) specific to each agency.

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